Technical translations

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Successful and professional technical translations first require sound knowledge in the required field. Our language mediators work exclusively in their mother tongue. This is one of the reasons why we guarantee that with our translations you will be understood as well anywhere in the world as at home. In addition to excellent language skills and many years of practical experience, our certified translators have in-depth knowledge in the respective field. We use specialist translators for your projects, who are kept up to date through regular further training.
Additional skills such as research skills, effective use of the Internet as a source of knowledge and terminology, knowledge of various translation environments and software programs, time management and much more …
You can build on these skills with us.

Coordination with the new customers is particularly useful at the start of the collaboration. Our qualified and solution-oriented project managers are always available to answer your questions. Request our new customer checklist, which deals with all questions that can contribute to smooth cooperation and an optimal translation process.

We realize your multilingual projects from text creation to printing.
We optimize your processes in multilingual publishing with innovative technologies.
We support you in establishing a globally uniform corporate language with the appropriate terminology management.


Certified translation & Apostille for corporate customers.

We certify translations and thereby certify the conformity of the translated text with the original document in accordance with the legal regulations of the respective countries. UnaLingua creates certified translations for your important documents in and from all common languages. After the translation of the text, the certification stamp, certification note and the signature of the sworn or authorized translator are added to a certified translation. Documents such as extracts from the commercial register, extracts from the commercial register, all official documents, certificates, certificates, expert opinions, powers of attorney and much more are usually translated as certified.
In rare cases, notarization is required. We also have this so-called apostille, which generally means confirmation of the authenticity of a certificate, issued to you by the responsible authority and send you the original documents by post. The terms legalization and legalization also come under the generic term over-authentication. While the apostilles are issued to countries that have signed the Hague Agreement, legalization is provided for all countries outside the agreement.
Taking into account the complexity, urgency and language combination of your documents, we will be happy to prepare your individual cost estimate on request. Talk to us now and get your non-binding offer now!

Express translation

We convince with excellent professionalism, even if the translation has to be delivered quickly. We use our resources in an optimally organized manner for your time-critical translation projects and provide you with professional, high-quality express translations . When placing an order, your translation will be prioritized and implemented by our network of experts on the desired delivery date.
Regardless of whether you urgently need to communicate news within your international company via email, distribute meeting documents or translate documents within a very short time, we guarantee express translations into all language combinations thanks to the latest project management, translation technology and experienced industry specialists.

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Interpreting technology

The term interpreting technology stands for all technical facilities that are required for interpreting.
The simultaneous interpreter technology is the key point. For factory tours and smaller conferences with limited space, or for budget reasons, tour guide systems are often used as interpreters. This is an inexpensive alternative to interpreting technology . Various public address systems , discussion systems and video technology are also essential for larger conferences and events these days and are therefore among the sub-items of this technology.

Simultaneous wireless interpreting systems
– Interpreter booths / interpreter booths (The interpreting booths must meet certain standards in terms of sound insulation, size and ventilation: ISO 2603 for stationary booths, ISO 4043 for mobile booths. They must be set up so that the interpreters have a good view of the speakers and all projection screens.)
Equipment for interpreters / simultaneous interpreters:
SIS121 interpreter center
SIS 1202 double interpreter desk
2 listening / speaking combinations
UHF ground plane antenna
– Receiver for customers

Tour guide system, in-ear monitoring technology

– discussion facilities
– PA technology
– Video systems (video recorders, cameras, screens, etc.)
– projection equipment (overhead projectors, screens, etc.)
– Other audiovisual systems

Simultaneous wireless interpreting systems
These mobile simultaneous interpreting systems are particularly suitable for international events or conferences (for 50 to 5000 participants), planning and management seminars, strategy discussions and specialist seminars, educational forums and panel discussions etc. Tape recordings are recommended for free conference lectures. Technicians control the sound recording and duplicate the speeches, lectures and contributions to the discussion.

Tour guide system
In cases where a group of listeners should move freely, guided tour systems are recommended. Passenger guidance systems are preferred for visits to factories, exhibitions and trade fairs, city tours and on test sites. The rental and installation prices depend on the design and layout of the systems, the distance to the conference location and the length of the rental.

Patent translation

Defending your intellectual property is undoubtedly one of the more important components in contemporary corporate governance strategy. UnaLingua helps you to attract and be noticed in new target markets with the innovations of your company. We do not expose your intellectual property and the associated services to chance and offer you tailor-made and verbatim translation services for your patents.
There are a number of factors to consider when translating a patent into a foreign language. Decisive for the perfect and professional preparation of a patent translation are specialist knowledge in the area of ​​the patent, solid legal experience in the applicable legal system as well as compliance with national registration regulations. Several linguistic aspects of patent translation are crucial for the unmistakable language transfer – correct syntax and punctuation, as well as the use of the correct terminology. Are patent translations an orchid subject? Not for our experienced patent translators who specialize and have all the necessary skills.


From specialist advertising

What do you get for your money besides many letters?
Words that arouse emotions and inspire senses!

Many can translate words, only a very few convey their intended effect.
Words convey emotions in marketing and advertising. Each language and culture has its own images, symbols and metaphors. Good translations therefore require the talent to grasp the context in such a way that the text also achieves the intended effect in the target language.

  • Flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters
  • Newsletter, press releases
  • Presentations
  • Packaging texts
  • websites and apps
  • advertising slogans, product claims
  • Blog Posts
  • Social media content

Our Marketing Translations make your multilingual content usable globally and thus reach every target market for you. The translations of your marketing materials are adapted to the respective target group in such a way that a deep emotional connection is created that makes your brand recognizable and thus successful. With us you can overcome language barriers and develop your international potential.
UnaLingua. We take care of the right cinema in the head. In any language, trust us.
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Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Machine translation platforms such as DeepL, Google, etc. are helpful for many users and a quick solution when it comes to rough understanding and he ?? translated into a language that he himself knows well. Because its “neural network” usually corrects most of a MT’s discrepancies during processing.
Our machine translation translation solution is based on the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid technology (rule, statistical and neuronal). The machine translation system (MT system) is tailored to the individual needs of our customers, which means that much better results can be achieved than with the usual, freely accessible translation tools.

The Neural Machine Translation (NMT) – is a current topic.
What is it about and how can you use it for yourself?
Thanks to the combination of the developments in AI (artificial intelligence) and the algorithms of computational linguistics, machine translations, when used correctly, deliver results that were not possible until recently.

The objective of an NMT project should be clearly defined:

  • Is the classic translation process for a project above budget?
  • Should translation costs in the company generally be significantly reduced?
  • Maybe a large amount of text has to be quickly translated into one or more languages ​​under time pressure?
  • Does the quality of the target texts play a subordinate role?

During a consultation, we would be happy to determine with you whether the use of NMT makes sense for you.

We take into account criteria such as existing translation memory, amount of text, text type, subject area and language combination as well as the requirements with regard to costs, quality and processing time.
If everything fits, an individual NMT engine will be set up and trained for you and tailored to your needs.
We would be happy to advise you in detail and explain our options.
We will find the right solution for you. Talk to us now!

Further information on the subject of machine translation can be found here. (Link to blog)

What is machine translation?

Everyone has already translated a text at the push of a button and maybe even made unconscious use of machine translation. The term machine translation refers to the linguistic translation from any source language into any target language by a computer without human interaction. Technologies for automated translations were launched in the 1950s.

What types of machine translation are there?

There are currently three types of machine translation or machine translation systems – rule-based, statistical and neural.
The combination of language algorithms, grammar and dictionaries is important in rule-based translation systems, while large amounts of data are analyzed in statistical systems. The newest approach is neural machine translation.
Stay up to date with intelligent technology in language services!

Neural machine translation (NMT) has become an integral part of the translation industry. The rapid development of language skills at NMT almost makes the difference between conventional and machine translation disappear. Use the latest machine translation process and benefit from fast, high-quality and cost-effective services.

What is Neural Machine Translation?

The NMT procedure, which was first mentioned in 2014, is based on networks that are modeled on the neural structure of the human brain.

Artificial intelligence also offers innovative solutions when it comes to language services. We use the latest technologies by pairing them with human understanding, years of experience and the appropriate knowledge. Taking your individual requirements into account, we sensibly integrate the neural approach into the translation process and you can benefit from the many advantages of the NMT system.

Advantages of NMT

NeuralMachine Translation, the latest level of MT, promises high-quality translations for areas in which current methods and solutions have proven to be inadequate. The NMT will play an increasingly important role, especially for multilingual content. Large amounts of text can be transferred to the desired target language in a significantly reduced amount of time. A neural-machine translated text is easier to read than static-based machine translations. Of course, this process optimization leads to cost reduction.

Your highly sensitive data is protected with us. The confidentiality of the content is very important to UnaLinguag. Guaranteed.
Machine translation with or without post-editing?


There are types of text where a low translation quality is sufficient. For example, if it is a text that enables your company to communicate internally with offices abroad, a “rough” and “informative” translation is usually sufficient. This is about the so-called “gisting” (English gist = quintessence, core), in which the general meaning of the text and the main topic should be in the foreground and should be recorded. Post-processing is not necessary here.

Post-editing options

After the machine translation process has been completed, we offer you the “Post-Editing” revision form as required and depending on the purpose of your translation. In this second step, our language professionals bring the technically generated target texts to the desired language level.

“Full Post-Editing”

You have to do without a high-quality human translation due to time and cost reasons, but do not compromise with your high quality requirements for the text? The “Full Post Editing” option is just right for you. This process takes a close look at grammar, punctuation and style, creating a fluid and legible target text.

“Light Post-Editing”

If, on the other hand, you need to have extensive content translated under high time pressure, which is primarily a matter of understanding the text, “light post-editing” can be used as a revision form for your documentation. The translator ensures that the text is correct and only corrects serious errors.


UnaLingua will be happy to accompany you on your way to a fulfilling language mission. Our experts will advise you individually and comprehensively. Together we will find the best solution for your translation needs. Contact us.