Using linguistically intelligent software, the terminology extraction can support processes in the field of language services. We have years of experience in terminology management and technical extraction options that you can trust. The extraction of company-specific technical terms from source documents and translation memories makes it possible to define a uniform internal and external language and to increase brand awareness.
Extraction tools allow native language translators to perform terminology extraction. Language mediators and terminologists use various extraction tools, which are mostly bilingual, i.e. based on the source and target text. The translation memory systems, e.g. memoQ, DéjàVu, Acrolink, CrossTerm, Tradosuvm. create a list of words and phrases, which means “hits”. These results, the so-called terminology candidates, are checked, validated and assigned to the company’s own terminology by our language experts. The process of terminology extraction is computer-based rather than fully automated.


Building customer-specific terminology databases is a process that we carefully carry out in cooperation with our customers. Together, we create company-specific dictionaries, terminology lists and glossaries that help to standardize your company language and make the entire documentation and its translation more consistent. With the help of software tools, we analyze, extract and systematically classify the technical terms, technical words and groups of words, as well as their equivalents from your existing documentation and create terminology databases in consultation with you, which are expanded in the course of each further translation. The dedicated terminology coordinators also pay attention to frequently occurring important terminology that is of fundamental importance to your content – abbreviations, protected and prohibited terms, etc. These terminology management system objectives ensure that the most appropriate term is used in one or more terms Ensure languages. In order to maintain the uniform company language, the terminology databases are not only used by translators, but also by product developers, technical editors and marketologists.


Of course, regular and systematic maintenance and cleanup of customer-specific terminology databases is part of our terminology services. To ensure that your multilingual terminology inventory is always up to date and that you receive uniform, high-quality translations, our experienced terminology team offers you a comprehensive service for your terminology management system. In this way, outdated and incorrect data stocks and duplicates are cleaned up. If necessary, the terminology databases are restructured or restructured so that the translation effort is reduced as much as possible, high translation speed is achieved and your company-specific terminology is recognizable everywhere.


Without any control over your specialist terminology, your products will not find comparable acceptance in external markets. Almost unnoticed, your brand can gradually erode in new markets, who cares?
The more complex and explanatory your products are, the greater this effect will be felt.

Expertise and Technical Languages ​​ are constantly evolving. This also applies to special terms that are used in your company. Together with you, we develop and maintain company-specific, multilingual dictionaries for your technical terms .

User-friendly, clear definitions ensure an unambiguous exchange of information – both within the company and in communication with customers and business partners. You strengthen your competitiveness and at the same time reduce your costs.

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