What languages ​​does your software speak?

The introduction of new software for different, international markets is a great challenge. Anyone who has ever tried to publish a new text digitally knows the pitfalls that come with special characters and formatting alone. When transferring to another language, the level of difficulty increases because not all characters and formatting are compatible across languages. It gets even more complicated when different programs are used.

Software Localizations is much more than just word translations and formatting. Different cultural and programming functionality play an important role here. Localizations also affect programming, user guidance, dimensions and dates, colors, images and text lengths.
The UnaLingua team has extensive experience in localization of application programs for different languages. This is how we create user interfaces for you that are just as popular in the target market as at home.
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Do you want to act globally? Then think locally.

Open up global markets with an internet presence that addresses your customers and business partners with “localized content”.
Again, this is about more than a language adjustment. Your products and services must also be designed to suit the respective local target market. Descriptions, designs and logical tours can vary considerably in other cultures. This applies to both general content and product specifications.

We support you competently in opening up new markets with the following services:

  • Translation and adaptation of web content
  • Localization of graphics
  • Testing localized websites

UnaLingua analyzes your web technologies in order to adapt the new content perfectly and systematically implement the best localization method for you.


Our team of experts also offers you high-quality localizations for your eShop after extensive investigation and exploration of the foreign markets and target groups. If you want to popularize your WebShop outside the country’s borders, online shop localization is a sensible and inevitable step to the success of your business. Taking into account the cultural and local habits of the population of the country you want to expand into, we translate and localize your online shop so that the online shopping experience of your international customers is in no way inferior to that in their local shops. We recognize the needs of your customers and accordingly personalize the shopping experience. Thanks to the professional localization of your eShop, ease of use and customer satisfaction, as well as the sales achieved.
Contact us today! We master the localization process of your web shop!


If you want to present your unique products or services internationally, you should first translate your website into several languages. The term localization means the translation and adaptation of content to the respective target market. However, a translation is not sufficient for the good positioning in the search results of search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo or Baidu. As a competent language service provider, we know that suitable keywords must be found, checked, translated, updated and optimized for the respective target market. Our SEO experts (Search Engine Optimization) always keep an eye on the respective target group during their work. As a certified translation agency, we have the necessary know-how, know the most modern localization technologies and can therefore offer our renowned customers perfect localization solutions. Our SEO specialists work in coordination with the translators and create unique and authentic target-language content that is perfectly tailored to the respective new cultures. After performing the SEO localization, there is definitely nothing standing in the way of your excellent international website and your place at the top of search engine rankings. Your translated texts are correctly localized if they meet the requirements of the local culture.